Dana Clark Music

Performers: Dana Clark & Kevin Lewis
Writer: Dana Clark


(Counselors have told me they use this song in anger-management classes.  A mother told me that when she gets upset, her daughter sings this to her!  My highest hope is that every song I write is USEFUL...AND that you can dance to it!
You could call this "beatnik rap."

That's Kevin Lewis on the walking bass.)



Anger Can Be So Seductive
Copyright 2008 Dana Clark

CHORUS: Anger can be so seductive             
Anger can be so destructive
Give it up
Let it go
Anger tries to make you feed it
Anger—Trust me. You don't need it!
Give it up
Let it go
Anger makes it hard to think
And anger brings you to the brink
Give it up
Let it go
Anger—sometimes it seems exciting
But in the end it's so mis-guiding
Give it up
Let it go

When the problem is inside us

And we cannot bear to look
Getting mad at someone's easy, and it gets us off the hook
When we take it to the limit and our ego hits the wall
When we're bouncing off the bottom and we end up feeling small
We can think about the thing they said that made us feel so bad
We can blame them for the way we feel when we let them make us mad
But say goodbye to anger and we've got a chance to grow
Give it up. Let it go. 


We use it on our enemies.

We use it on our friends
We keep passing it around

And somehow anger never ends
When we get mad at home

We hurt the ones that we love best
Sure, we get over it,

But then we're cleaning up the mess
Our children learn it from us

And someday they pass it on
So our anger keeps on hurting them long after we are gone
Let's teach them love so anger's not the only thing they know
Give it up. Let it go.


We get mad at the government.

We get mad at the boss
And if we never stop and think

Then we may never count the cost
But trade anger for forgiveness

And we lay those burdens down
We can take that energy

And work to turn the world around
We can reach out to a child in need

Or heal a broken heart
We can make a friend or write a song. Create a work of art
Yes, when we are done with anger

We can let forgiveness flow
Give it up. Let it go.





               Give it up!!!!!!!!!!


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, TX.

Dana Clark: Vocals. Kevin Lewis: Bass. Kevin Hernandez: Drums and percussion.