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Dana Clark
Writer: Dana Clark


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Disguised As Poetry

Copyright 1998 Dana Clark


Most of us have wondered how the universe began

Some claim a cosmic accident.  Some say a holy plan

The facts alone will never fill the hunger of our hearts

We long to comprehend the whole of which we are a part


CHORUS:  With parable and metaphor the ancient tales are told

As we listen all the wisdom of the past unfolds

A myth is humankind's response to boundless mystery

Each story bears a seed of truth disguised as poetry.


The people of the islands say the world began with waves

People near the sun say it was light their god first gave

Many souls in every age who tried to understand

Found comfort in believing we were made by loving hands




When children ask their questions they deserve to hear the truth

So we must find a way to make the oldest stories new

And they will want to challenge us, to test what we might know

But there are many answers they can only find alone




Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, TX.

Dana Clark: Vocals, piano, flute. Kevin Lewis: Bass. Kevin Hernandez: Drums and percussion.