Dana Clark Music

Performed by Dana Clark and Mar Gutierrez
Writer: Dana Clark


Video of song "Forgiveness" Be sure to slide back to the very beginning of video to catch the song

Audio only version of song "Forgiveness"

New song born on Jan 25, 2014  "Forgiveness"--performed the following day at Downtown Unity Circle Austin Jan 26 with Mar Gutierrez.  Writing the song for the service based on the book RADICAL SELF-FORGIVENESS helped me explore the relationship between forgiving others and forgiving oneself, leading to some important internal shifts for ME!  Very therapeutic!  The song is at the very beginning of this video.  Following the song, Rev. Tony Roebuck has some great stories to tell (love the one about the squirrel, and the one about the bear and the skunk) and some wise words.  



Copyright 2014 Dana Clark

Maybe I did something wrong

I'm quick to take the blame

I'm haunted by my guilt

And a familiar sense of shame


A villain or a victim

Am I either one?

Searching for the answers

My healing has begun


CHORUS: Forgiveness

Claim it, know it


Trust it, show it


Claim it, feel it, trust it, watch it grow



Guided on my journey by an ever questing soul

Trusting the essential path will perfectly unfold

Forgetting every stumble, abandoning regrets

Dismissing all the blunders that I haven't made as yet




Long ago I learned to fear that I'm not good enough

Could that be the reason that I've been afraid to love

I embrace forgiveness, and I am healed at last

I have been ashamed too long of things done in the past


Thank you to Charles Mitchell for recording the service and making the video and audio available.