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Dana Clark


Dana sang and played all instruments on this track.  It was recorded in her home studio, edited and mixed by Brant Sankey.

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Live performance, World Aids Day, San Antonio 2018

Live performance at World Aids Day San Antonio 2013


Recorded by NowCast.com.



Song on the theme for World Aids Day

Copyright 2012 Dana Clark


CHORUS: (Each line is echoed)

We're getting to zero

By working together

We're telling the story

Of the progress we've made

We're getting to zero

With faith in the future

This is the beginning

Of the end of AIDS


We don't deserve this illness, we are guilty of no wrong

We need treatment, not punishment, that’s been true all along

The shame that keeps it hidden helps the virus spread

We must take away the stigma to eliminate the threat


We must destroy the sickness, not the people who are sick

To trust the job to someone else just isn’t worth the risk

For now we’re all in danger, so the whole human race

Must join the struggle to confront this problem face to face



VERSE: When every pregnant woman has the medicine she needs

Not a single infant will be born with HIV

But millions still are dying with the orphans left behind

The responsibility for them is yours and it’s mine


There’s so much to do before we really claim success

Some of us are frightened, too afraid to get the test

We must believe with treatment we'll do more than just survive

We can keep our dreams and live out long productive lives