Dana Clark Music

Writer: Dana Clark


I hope this song gives you the courage you need to

take whatever risks are necessary to fulfill your dreams.



Most Miracles Are Made

Copyright 1998 Dana Clark

When a dream is calling you to step beyond your reach,

Does it call you with a whisper or a shout?

As you race toward the future seeking all that life can teach,

How can you outdistance every doubt?

CHORUS:  Take your courage in both hands

Keep walking toward the brightest star

Chart the course your heart demands

The smallest steps will take you far

Standing in the mountain's shade

You will know how you must climb

The way most miracles are made

By taking one step at a time

An inner voice will guide you from one challenge to the next

The message in a dream will point the way

Sometimes once you glimpse the goal you must pursue the quest

Though all the world may think you've gone astray


A seed lies dormant in the earth before it starts to grow

It's nature is to blossom and bear fruit

As sometimes we may hesitate when facing the unknown

But our nature is to journey toward the truth


Can you sense the moment when your life begins to change

When a random spark ignites a raging fire

And as the flames grow higher, do familiar sights seem strange

As you watch your safety burn upon the pyre



Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Sanders of Location Sound Design, San Antonio,TX. Dana Clark: Vocals, piano. Kevin Lewis: Guitars, bass. Julie Newberry: Drums.