Dana Clark Music

Writer: Dana Clark


My life's work would not be complete without a truck driving song! 


Ride, Ride, Ride

Copyright 1979 Dana Clark

Daddy drove a truck, and I guess I always knew

That's why mama cried, the way she used to do

He'd never be at home long, a day or two is all

"Til he'd look down the road, take his had down from the wall

Then he'd...

CHORUS:  Ride, ride, ride down that endless highway

Chasing a dream as the miles rolled away

Driving all day just to reach the night time

Driving through the night to find a brand new day

One day he called me to him, and he said, "I'm not surprised

"To see you got your daddy's far away look in your eyes.

"I guess you're just like me, girl, we're two of a kind

"We'll always be a-searching for something we can't find.

"You're gonna...


Just a few days later I finally realized

That he had gone for good, and he'd tried to tell me why

I've spent so many years now, living on this road

Looking for the father that left so long ago

Now I...


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Larry Millas at Tanglewood Recording Studio, Brookfield, Ill. Produced by Gary Filip. Dana Clark: Vocal. Gary Filip: 12-string guitar. Francois D. Lux: Pedal Steel Guitar. Doug Mazique: Bass guitar. Stewart Nevitt: Drums. Harmony vocals: Farrah Coleman, Pat Ensfield.