Dana Clark Music

Writer: Dana Clark


I wrote this in Chicago after watching the duo "Robbins & Coman." 

There's just nothing like live music.  




Rock 'n' Rollin'

Copyright 1979 Dana Clark

Under the spotlight

Cool in the hot light

Where they belong

Singing it strong

Smiling and shy

Fingers that fly

Brothers in song

Take me along

Melody in harmony

Melody in harmony

Carries a spark

Straight from the heart

Burning me now

Showing me how

Flaming desire

Sets me a-fire

There ain't no doubt

Can't do without that

Melody in harmony

Melody in harmony

CHORUS:  But when they get to rock 'n' rollin'

They can really find the soul inside the rhythm of the beat

And when they shout it out that way

There ain't no doubt about the way

They're gonna knock you off your feet

They put on such a show they're gonna

Really get you going out and dancing down the street

They always give it all they got

And you can tell they got a lot

When they sing it, oh, so sweet

Play what they feel

You know it's real

Hear what they say

Don't turn away

Sing it so tender

Make you surrender

Lead you astray

Whenever they play that

Melody in harmony

Melody in harmony

Can't you hear it?

They're calling to you

Can't you feel it?

They're pulling each other through

Each one has the magic

To set the other free

Each one holds a secret

And the other holds the key


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Larry Millas at Tanglewood Recording Studio, Brookfield, Ill. Produced by Gary Filip. Dana Clark: Vocal, guitar. Gary Filip: Piano. Bob Parisio: Drums. Mike Potter: Bass guitar. Horace Prewitt: Electric guitar. Harmony vocals: Farrah Coleman, Pat Ensfield, Gary Filip.