Dana Clark Music

Writer: Dana Clark



Copyright 2004 Dana Clark


You were fragile as a child

You were quiet as a mouse

You grew up in a house that looked like every other house

You were taught the proper things to say

And told how you should feel

And as the years went by

You used your silence as a shield


CHORUS: But the quiet voice of conscience is a friend we learn to trust

And we dream of things we'd like to do while doing what we must

When the ordinary answers leave our burdens unrelieved

We have to search beyond them to find something to believe


You were taught to hide your feelings and to do what you were told

But no matter how you tried you could never fit the mold

Your questions were unanswered, your doubting heart unsatisfied

When you found no one would listen you tried to hold it all inside


CHORUS: But the quiet voice of conscience...


No one is born a blank slate for the past to write upon

Or an empty bucket to be filled with rules of right and wrong

Our minds were made to question each assumption each belief

And from the truth we find we build our own theology

CHORUS: But the quiet voice of conscience…..

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Sanders of Location Sound Design, San Antonio, TX. Dana Clark: Vocals, piano. Kevin Lewis: Guitars, bass. Julie Newberry: Drums and percussion.