Dana Clark Music

Writers: Dana Clark and Kevin Lewis


 Soon He’ll Take Flight


He’s got a favorite pair of jeans and hair that hides his face

He’s can’t wait to outgrow his teens and take his rightful place

He’s building his identity around his new guitar

He’s not sure where he’s headed but he’s certain he’ll go far


He’s younger than he looks but he’s older than he acts

He’s sure about his attitude, confused by all the facts

He’s full of dreams and dangers and puzzled by the world

Intrigued by pretty strangers but he’s scared of all the girls


CHORUS: Though sometimes he feels fragile,

He grows stronger by degrees

Unsure of who he is, he’s testing personalities

He grows into his shoe size as he’s reaching for his height

He’s a rocket on the launching pad

Soon...he’ll take flight


He falls in love with someone new almost every day

His hopes are high as heaven but his feet are made of clay

The heart that’s hanging on his sleeve he can’t quite give away

For if she loves him back he turns and runs the other way




BRIDGE: His mama thinks he’s handsome. His friends all say he’s cool

He makes his own decisions and he loves to break the rules

He defies all definition for he’s changing day to day

His future is unfolding. Don’t you dare get in the way



Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, TX.

Dana Clark: Vocals, piano, guitar, flutes, mandolin. Kevin Lewis: Guitars, bass. Kevin Hernandez: Drums and percussion.