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Performers: Dana Clark & Kevin Lewis
Dana Clark






I began writing this song on a road trip through the Midwest with my friend Ginny.  At a rest stop I sang a bit of the chorus to her.  The next time we stopped and I mentioned the song she exclaimed, "Don't sing it again!!  I've had it stuck in my head ever since the first time!"  Taking that as an encouraging sign, I went back to work on the song with renewed confidence!





This recording was made LIVE at a House Concert in San Antonio in February, 2013 with Kevin Lewis on guitar and me on mandolin and lots of good people singing along.  It was a wonderful audience to hear the debut of the song because they laughed in all the right spots!  (Thanks, Cheryl, for hosting the concert!)  Some of the people singing along are friends who helped me build my house!



Copyright 2013 Dana Clark

CHORUS:  I live in a teeny tiny house

A teeny tiny house

A teeny tiny house

I live in a teeny tiny house

With a teeny tiny carbon footprint


The walls are stuffed with insulation

And it’s shaded by a giant tree

The slate floor is cool in the summer

So I hardly ever need A.C.


All the gray water from my house

Runs out in the yard and finds a dry spot

Sink and tub and wash machine

Everything except “you-know what!”




If global warming leaves you in a panic

You can eat local, sustainable, organic

It’s eco-friendly if you’re able

To grow it in the yard and slap it on the table!


CORN and cabbage in the front yard

Bunch a chickens in the back

Kale and broccoli and swiss chard

You can look it up in the Farmer’s Almanac!





The chickens eat the bugs and weeds

And in a little bit

They make all the eggs you need

And lots of chicken…..poop!


And when you put that in your garden

Lots of vegies grow

And lots of bugs and weeds for the chickens

And round and round the cycle goes



I wish I’d lived at Walden pond

And been best friends with you-know-who

I read his words now and I think

“What would Henry David do?”


Cause it’s not those who have the most

Who live on Easy Street

The richest people I know are

The ones who need the least

I don’t want lots of extra things

I want just enough

That way I don’t need place after place (after place after place….)

After place to keep my stuff


By the time I have grandkids

I hope I’ll be off the grid

While toilet training I will boast

"Look down there, kids. That’s compost!"



Reduce reuse and re-cycle

Walk and ride your by-sigh-cle

Walk and ride your bicycle

Reduce reuse and re-sick-le

Think globally, act locally (repeated at end)


Spoken: A tiny house means tiny housework!

Dana Clark: Vocal, mandolin. Kevin Lewis: Guitar. Recorded live at Cheryl's House Concert.