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Dana Clark


First Day of Spring

You know how it feels

The first day it's real

Sunny outside

When it's been cold

With ice and snow

And a gloomy sky

Watch the snow melt

No, you never felt

So fine

Birds can't help but sing

The first day of spring

Ain't got no worries

Ain't in a hurry

I do as I please

I'll be flying in my kite

And I even might

Climb a few trees

Ride 'round the lake

On my roller skates

Chasing the breeze

Swing on all the swings

The first day of spring

This must be spring fever

'Cause I'm so light on my feet

When I get this happy

I can't eat or sleep

Since I woke up this morning

I felt like a child

With the sun shining on me

All I can do, all I can do is


Smile, smile, smile!

The first day of spring

Run down the street

In my bare feet

What do I care?

With spring in the air

I'd almost dare

Go completely bare

Wear my summer smile

To be in style

And let the people stare

I'm up for anything

The first day of spring

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Larry Millas at Tanglewood Recording Studio, Brookfield, Ill. Produced by Gary Filip. Dana Clark: Vocal, piano. Gary Filip: Piano. Bob Parisio: Drums. Mike Potter: Bass guitar. Horace Prewitt: Electric guitar. Harmony vocals: Gary Filip, Tampa Lann.