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Dana Clark
Dana Clark


The Gypsy
My horses labor slowly 'til we reach the top
Ravens cry around us, the creaking wagon stops
Thunder rumbles in the air, the wind begins to blow
Already word is spreading in the valley down below

You can hear the people calling,
The gypsy has returned
To make the rivers rise again, to make the night winds burn
To curse the fields and flocks and bring a darkness to the land
To rob us of our souls unless we do as she commands

Chorus: I have moon dust in my pocket,
Magic up my sleeve
And I have spells enough to make the doubters all believe
Chants and incantations to bring you to your knees
Try until you die, but you never will be free
From this black almighty power that the devil gave to me

They bring their flaming torches to burn my wagon down
And I can feel them coming though they never make a sound
But long before they reach me, I'll leap upon their backs
A-biting and a-scratching as a cat of midnight black

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Larry Millas at Tanglewood Recording Studio, Brookfield, Ill. Produced by Gary Filip. Dana Clark: Vocal, guitar. Gary Filip: 12-string guitar, bass guitar, mandolin. Chris Miller: Violin. Whispers: Gypsies.