Dana Clark Music

THIS IS THE HARVEST August 25, 2013 Copyright Dana Clark 2013 CHORUS: This is the harvest And gladly I am reaping what I've sown Here in the garden I glory in the gifts my life has grown Season of plenty Sprung from seeds I scattered on the wind Surprising bounty Fulness of the feast I've gathered in VERSE: Hungry I once planted when my tears watered the seeds When the labor almost broke me and there was no guarantee Still I never once imagined in the stony fields I tilled This Eden that surrounds me now, its promises fulfilled CHORUS: VERSE: I sink my fingers in the soil to touch the dust of stars From this mud has come the sum of everything we are The earth our flesh, the rocks our bones, our blood the endless sea Turning and returning in eternal mystery CHORUS: VERSE: Our every hunger richly nourished by the frugal earth That welcomes death in season and transforms it in rebirth This never ending cycle claims each living thing that falls Our final rest will feed the soil that freely feeds us all