Dana Clark Music

Writer: Dana Clark


I wrote this song with a class I was teaching at Homeschool Central.  The students, adults and children, gave me their favorite Christmas memories, and I wove them into this song that we then performed at the holiday concert. 


I have illustrated the song with old family photos.


Traveling Toward Christmas

Copyright 2003 Dana Clark


Traveling toward Christmas, now it's almost time to go

We'll pack up all the presents and drive 'til we find snow


There's Christmas cookies in the car, the ones that we just baked

We'll sing carols as we watch the windows for that first snowflake



And when we reach Red River, Grandma's at the cabin door

Hot chocolate by a warming fire, we'll watch the winter storm


And when the wind grows still and the silence settles, then

It's snowballs and snow ice cream and snow angels and snow men


CHORUS: And every Christmas of my life I remember as one day

When everyone I loved came to Grandma's house to stay


Though passing years change everything, we must not count the cost

For life brings someone new to love for every one we've lost



We hang our mittens up to dry and put away the sled

Our frozen fingers warming as we bake the gingerbread


And then we build a tiny house with gumdrops on the roof

And a little man of marshmallows who almost seems to move


And soon it's time to trim the tree, an angel goes on top

With long brown hair and wings outstretched, she seems to smile and nod

Then in the woods we find a tree with branches hanging low

To fill with food for birds and beasts to help them through the cold





Waking to the smell of cinnamon as rolls and french toast bake

It's the Christmas morning breakfast that only Grandma makes          

We peek into the stockings, shake the presents one by one

But we're not allowed to open them until our breakfast's done


The sleepy cat who's hiding underneath the Christmas tree

Watches as we open presents, shares our evening feast

And helps us count our blessings on this very special night

As we sing our old favorite songs, the tree our only light