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(The Dalai Lama says that a loving home is the best foundation for a life, but finding our place in the world may not be easy.)


When you began this journey you were sure how it would end
So you found the faith to follow though the road would often bend
But now you've lost direction. There's nowhere you can turn.
And from this crossroad all you see are bridges you have burned.

CH:Trust your heart to lead you home.
Find a path that's yours alone.
Listen to the voice inside you.
It will grow in strength to guide you.
Trust your heart to lead you home.
Home is not the place you started from.
It's a place you're reaching for
When you stretch beyond yourself to find a harbor in the storm.

A dream will be your compass. Your passion is your guide
Sometimes you will have to crawl, but sometimes you can fly.
Like a painter with her canvas or a sculptor with his clay,
Your life takes shape beneath your hands as you work through each day.
You create a fabric with the threads of love you hold.
A tapestry of memory to warm you when you're cold.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by James Sanders of Location Sound Design, San Antonio, TX. Dana Clark: Vocals, piano, guitar, flute, Lakota flute. Kevin Lewis: Guitars, bass. Julie Newberry: Drums and percussion.