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Lewis and Clark Musical Expedition
Lewis and Clark Musical Expedition


You Resurrect Yourself

Copyright 1997 Dana Clark

No one seems to see your pain
You’re too ashamed to ask for help
Sometimes you think you are to blame
There’s no one you can trust to tell
You’re despairing. You’re defeated
A victim with no voice
Then just when you’ve lost your last hope
You find you have a choice

CHORUS: Then you resurrect yourself
From the ashes of your dreams
You slowly work a miracle
Though it’s harder than it seems
Patiently you seek a way
To restore your battered soul
You claim the fragments of your life
You learn to take control
Once you were broken
Now you’re whole

Your sorrow strips you to the bone
And leaves your naked heart to mourn
You struggle hard to stand alone
You labor long to be reborn
For each burden that you carry
You must climb ever higher
Your spirit stronger since it has been tempered by the fire

CHORUS: As you resurrect yourself…..

Against all odds your scars have healed
And you’ve remembered how to laugh
What you have won you’ll never yield
A champion in your own behalf
Your goals grow ever clearer
Your mind seems twice alive
You’re empowered knowing you can face the worst
And you’ll survive

CHORUS: For you resurrect yourself….

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, TX.

Dana Clark: Vocals, piano, guitar, flutes, mandolin. Kevin Lewis: Guitars, bass. Kevin Hernandez: Drums and percussion.